Cadillac GPS Navigation DVD Disc

The in-dash factory installed GPS Navigation  systems  don’t actually store any information. All GPS and map information is stored on an old-fashioned DVD disc.  I was surprised about this when I first learned about it, too! I always assumed that the map information is stored on a hard drive or memory chip somewhere inside the unit. Or, maybe it was downloaded from the satellite!  That isn’t the case. No – it’s just a DVD disc that has to always be inserted inside the GPS system.

Why would you need a replacement GPS navigation disc?  There are really two reasons:

Reason #1)  You just purchased a used car, and it is missing the DVD disc.    If this is the case, then your GPS system will not work because it will not have any GPS Map data.  Where does the disc go?  It could go anywhere.  Most likely what happened was that the previous owner paid $250 to update his map data, and when he parted with the vehicle he didn’t want to pass on that $250 DVD to you. Instead, he probably put it up on Craigs List or tried to return it to the dealership.  This leaves you with a $2,000 DVD GPS unit that is totally useless.

Reason #2)  You have a fairly old vehicle (like a 2006) and would like to update the maps to something a little more recent.  This is a great idea, because the newer the maps the better the data on them. But, you should be warned – there isn’t a map company in the world that re-maps the entire USA  every year.  So , even though a map may be from the current year, the data on it is probably a year or so old.   If you are looking for that subdivision that was just built a few months ago, it may not be on the map you updated.   This can really infuriate a customer that just purchased a map for $250!   Sadly, the map makers do not release update information so there is no real way for anyone to know what has been changed (if anything) on a map!

How to select a GPS Navigation DVD Disc for your car.

1) Select your model and year from the list below.

2) You will see a list of DVD discs for your make/model.  ANY of the discs on the page will work for you. You can save some money by buying an older disc (a great option if you are just reselling the car), or you can pay extra for an updated disc.   So, for example: You have a 2007 Chevy Suburban.  The 2007 Map Release would represent the original  Navigation Disk that came in the Chevrolet Suburban.  However,  you can save some money by buying an older disc (say one made for the 2006 Suburban), or you can spend extra and get a newer one (like a DVD GPS Disc made for a 2011 suburban)

Cadillac GPS Navigation Discs


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