2010 2011 Camaro iPod Connector (PDIM)

The new Chevrolet Camaro has a neat feature which allows for iPod users to play, control and charge their iPod right from the car. It’s actually quite neat, because the alternative GM iPod connector has to be dealer-installed (it’s called the Personal Audio Link – PAL). Installation requires removal of the stereo system and is rather intricate. With the Camaro’s PDIM (GM Part 20940641) , all you have to do is plug the USB and AUX jack into the port located inside the arm rest, and you’re set! The connectors can run about $185 on eBay or through the dealer. However, I found them for a fraction of the price on http://www.tekspree.com (the direct link is: http://www.tekspree.com/categories/iPod-Adapters/Cheverolet-iPod-Adapters/Camaro-iPod-Connector/ ) The Personal Device Interface Module is a great way to add some value to your vehicle when re-selling.


5 thoughts on “2010 2011 Camaro iPod Connector (PDIM)

  1. In my 2011, running a wire from my ipod to the auxiliary port under the armrest doesn’t seem to work so good ergonomically. Unless I’m missing something, the closed armrest crushes the wire which connects the aux port to my ipod (outside the armrest).

    • Hey Pat, You are right – if you are just using the AUX port, then that’s what happens – you put the iPod wire in the cup holder or the tray in front of the gear shift. The arm rest does crush the wire, but it causes no damage. You can also just leave the iPod inside the arm rest, but that means you will not be able to control the music (so you should have a good playlist ready!) . If you have a convertible you should also remember to remove the iPod when you leave the car (with the top down) so it doesnt get stolen. For some reason the arm rest does not have a keyed lock.

      • lol.. I was actually hoping you were going to tell me that I was mistaken, and that of COURSE Chevy wouldn’t have overlooked this, and that I just didn’t see the hidden hole the cord goes thru. Thanks for confirming though.

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